Shop & Smile

Experience the happy feeling during your private shopping tour in Cooenhagen!
Our expert in Danish fashion and design brands knows exactly where to go, where to find the original Danish brands as well as how to combine these to achieve the famous nordic style: cool, urban, clean, modern and relaxed!

It is not by chance that the Danes are one of the happiest nations of the world…in the smallest of the Scandinavian countries has in the last couple of years grown a huge variety of excellent brands; no matter if design, interieur, fashion, jewellery or beauty – the nordic style makes the Danish brands so special.

Add a personal shopping tour to your stay in Copenhagen – and you will go home with a feeling of some unforgatable, relaxed and inspiring hours – and perhaps also with some new items, your family and friends at home will be excited for…

We will plan the tour individually and exactly after your wishes; we will arrange private visits in small shops with meeting the designer or owners, getting some inside information and in one or the other shop a refreshment or even a goodie bag ?!

You will have to time to learn the Danish brands to know, to get inspiration and styling tips & tricks before having a break in a cosy cafe for a coffee / glas champagne or lunch – whatever your timeframe allows.

In case of too many shoppig bags, we will take care of them in order to make the day perfectly relaxed for you.

Copenhagen is a city full of different styles, from luxury brands, known- and unknown brands, outlets, 2. Hand to Vintage shops – we can nearly find everything you are interested in. Just let us know, what kind of style you prefer, how much time you have and we will create the perfect program for you.

Just contact us!