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Copenhagen has many sights to see, many places to visit and many stories to tell.
But we have much more!

Copenhagen is known as the first city of the world aiming to be CO2 neutral in 2025.
Copenhagen’s harbour is clean and you are officially allowed to swim in it.
Copenhagen is the home of modern architecture and design.
Copenhagen’s bike lanes are famous in the whole world.
3 times more bikes than inhabitants. And approx. 350 km of bike lanes in the city center!!!

We can show you many of these things during your private tour. And we can arrange to meet an expert of the matter you are most interested in. Get inspired by the sustainable city of Copenhagen.

Are you looking for best practice cases in your area of interest?
Do you need inspiration inthe field of city development?
Are you keen on hearing more about the rain water protection projects?

Let us find the expert and create your personal program.