Greater Copenhagen

Copenhagen is great – but there is even more to explore!

With your private tour to Greater Copenhagen we will make sure that you will take some great memories home.

Visit the worldwide known Kronborg castle in Elsinore and learn why this is also called the HAMLET castle. Meet one of the eldest Danes in its basement and dive into Danish history. Or just enjoy the beautiful view to Sweden – just a few kilometers away.

We can also arrange a private tour to our sister city Malmö in Sweden. Passing the impressing Øresundbridge is a highlight on its own. Visit Denmarks neighbour and learn about the common history, the differences between Danes and Swedes and get inspired by the Scandinavian way of living.

If you want to try something totally different, we can also arrange a private tour to Steens Klint or Møns Klint, the breathtaking …

Or do you want to be a Viking for one day? Try to sail a viking ship in Roskilde and imagine how life was approx. 1000 years ago….

We love to surprise you…

Did you know, that there is Vineyard in Denmark? Visit the small cosy vineyard, taste the cold area wines and get inspired by the people living their dream.