Bike Paradise

We will provide high quality bikes and if required also helmets for you and your guests. After a short introduction into the Danish bike tradition and rules your private guide will take you on an exiting city-tour; through the inner city, following the waterfront and of course crossing bridges, such as the famous orange Bicycle Snake or the Circle Bridge, designed by the artist Olafur Eliasson.

This tour gives you the possibilty to see Copenhagen from the eyes of a Dane and experiencing the highlights of our beautiful and exiting city.

The positive effects of cycling are obvious: Less CO2 emissions, less local air pollution and less noise. And do not forget: Cycling is good for you 😉

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  • Life in Copenhagen is lived in the saddle of a bicycle. Everybody does it. Bike that is. In Copenhagen, we bike whether there is sun, rain or snow. We bike to work, to school, to bring the kids to kindergarten, to shop for groceries and to social gatherings. Cycling is fast, convenient, healthy, climate-friendly, enjoyable - and cheap, although Copenhageners honestly love their bikes no matter their financial income. Even top politicians ride their bike every day to parliament. For more information about the Copenhagen bike culture:

    Foto: Kasper Thye

  • For more information about the Copenhagen bicycle culture:
    Foto: Mikael Colville Andersen

  • Copenhagen is a very kid friendly city. You have free places reserved on buses and trains for prams and pushchairs, children's menus in restaurants, and of course reductions at all museums, galleries and entertainments. Kids are fully incorporated into the everyday life of the city, which makes Copenhagen a perfect city to visit.

    Foto: Thomas Rousing